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We hope that our collective experience that dates back to 1981, and the many resources and strategic alliances that we can draw upon, will help serve your needs quickly and efficiently. We combine technology, old fashioned personal service and our pledge of confidentiality to provide our clients with the highest quality service. .

Appraisal Fees


There are several variables that must be considered in determining the Fee.

Type of Property: If  it is a single family home or condominium, the price will be typically less than a multi-family or commercial property. 

Type of Report- you have options available 


Property Location: A property located in a highly populated area with many similar homes or condominiums will typically cost less than a similar type property that is   located in a rural area where comparable sales might be difficult to find and spread out over several miles.

Gross Building Area: A property with a large building area will typically cost more than a property with a small building area. A 6,000 sf Contemporary vs a 1200 sf   Ranch.

Lot Size: A home with   a larger lot size than most other properties in the area will typically cost   more than a property that has a typical lot size for the area. A home on a 20   acre parcel vs a 10,000 sf lot will involve more travel time & research of area towns due to limited Comparable Sales.

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